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Freighter Cruises Worldwide


The ARANUI 3 sails 15-day voyages from Tahiti to the Islands.        There are now weekly cargo-passenger sailings on many routes.

Freighter Pricing Guide:  Budget about $135 (about £90) per person per day plus any dues and taxes.


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The Cruise People Ltd offers cargo ship voyages up to 112 days duration on about 300 freighters carrying passengers worldwide. Most were built in the 1990s and 2000s and offer all-outside staterooms and swimming pools.  Many newer ships offer suites with separate day room and bedroom. But be prepared for schedule changes. Typical short round voyages are 28 days from Southampton to the Mediterranean and back, or 28 days Le Havre to Martinique and Guadeloupe, with inter-island return voyage.

For the convenience of our clients, we accept payments in any of Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars.

We offer weekly passenger service on the following routes: 


Line or Operator



Round Trip

CMA CGM The French Line Southampton / Shanghai / Hong Kong

8 / 10

77 days
CMA CGM The French Line Southampton / Port Kelang / China


77 days

CMA CGM The French Line

Le Havre / Port Kelang / Singapore / Shanghai


68 days

CMA CGM The French Line

Southampton / Port Said


56 days

CMA CGM The French Line   Le Havre / Martinique / Guadeloupe


28 days
F Laeisz (Evergreen route) Long Beach / Kaohsiung / Hong Kong


35 days

Grimaldi Lines

Southampton / East Mediterranean ports


35 days

Grimaldi Lines

Southampton / Aegean ports


28 days

Grimaldi Lines Monfalcone / Ashdod / Haifa


14 days
Grimaldi Lines Bristol / Scandinavia / Antwerp / Southampton


  8 days

Independent Container Line (*)

Antwerp / Liverpool / Philadelphia

2 / 6

28 days 

Eight of these services can lift about 75 passengers every week from UK and nearby ports. Other routes are also available to Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa, etc.  Port-to-port and one-way bookings are accepted. (*) Ships are subject to change in this service.

Cargo-Passenger Operators


CMA CGM The French Line, Marseilles  

Operating about 70 passenger-carrying container ships with more than 600 passenger berths - four 12-passenger French-flag ships between France and the French West Indies - the closest to the old banana boats, three 6-passenger ships between Europe and Australia/New Zealand via the US East Coast / Panama, and many large fast 10-passenger container ships between Southampton, European ports and the Far East and China, as well as Mediterranean/Far East, New York/Far East/Seattle/New York, Yrans-Pacific, UK/St Martin/Trinidad/French Guiana/North Brazil and other services.

Compagnie Polynésienne de Transport Maritime (CPTM) m.v. Aranui 3  

Compagnie Polynesienne de Transport Maritime operate the 180-passenger ARANUI 3 between Tahiti and the Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands. The largest number of passenger berths on any cargo ship worldwide.  A detailed account of a voyage in the ARANUI 3 can be found at the Romar Traveler Guides' article Freighter to Paradise.

Grimaldi Lines, Naples  

Operating a large fleet of Italian-owned vessels  between Southampton and the Mediterranean, Tilbury and Argentina and Tilbury and West Africa,  and also to Scandinavia. The 35-day Mediterranean and Scandinavia service is called Euro-Med and operates on a fixed day of the week basis.

Hamburg-Süd, Hamburg  

Hamburg-Süd is not only a shipowner and liner operator but also runs the largest freighter travel bureau in Europe, representing ships worldwide, particularly South America,  but also the West Coast of North America and its own service between the US East Coast, New Zealand and Australia.

Reederei F Laeisz, Hamburg  

Passenger-carrying container ships operating between the US East Coast and Europe, Far East and Asia-Australia and in the Mediterranean. F Laeisz is a traditional Hamburg shipowner, having owned the famous Flying "P" clipper ships, including PAMIR, PASSAT and PEKING.

NSB Freighter Cruises, Bremen  

A fleet of 40 ships operating Europe to New York, Europe to Charleston, Vancouver to Far East, Long Beach to Far East, Felixstowe to Far East, Southampton to Far East, Mediterranean - Far East, New York - California - Hong Kong, Trans-Pacific, Felixstowe to South America plus Europe -West Indies and Europe - Brazil.

PZM Polish Steamship Company, Szczecin  

Operating a fleet of Polish-flag bulk ships to destinations worldwide, with twice-monthly Transatlantic service in season between Amsterdam's port of IJmuiden and Cleveland and Burns Harbor, Indiana. The last "tramp" style passenger service available in the world. A detailed account of a voyage in the ISA can be found here: IJmuiden to Cleveland .

Rickmers Reederei, Hamburg  

Operating a fleet of multi-purpose ships in Round-the-World service via Southeast Asia and the Far East (but no passengers carried between Genoa and Singapore), then back by way of Panama and the United States. Eastbound Transatlantic service is available from Philadelphia to Hamburg and Antwerp. Further details of the Pearl String round-the-world service can be found in this News Release and more particulars of the experience are available through Freighter Travel Tips.

St Helena Line Ltd 

From Cape Town to St Helena and Ascension via Walvis Bay, the last long-distance Royal Mail Ship, RMS ST HELENA. As an airport is eventually due to be built at St Helena, a limited life probably remains for this service.

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Schedules are subject to change due to cargo and weather.

Medical certificates are required and age limits apply with most lines.

Visas are required by all non-US & Canadian citizens calling at US ports.

Freighter Cruise Links

Links are provided above for freighter operators. But also have a look at The Internet Guide to Freighter Travel, complied by Richard Ahern, check out your ship's latest location at Marine Traffic, read the freighter travel news at The Cruise Examiner by, and finally, consult TransGlobal Logistics if you have a vehicle to ship somewhere in the world.

The Internet Guide to Freighter Travel

Track Your Own Ship at Marine Traffic

Recent Freighter Travel News (May 2009)

For Overseas Vehicle Shipments

TransGlobal Logistics, with depots in both Europe and North America, can arrange shipment of your vehicle to many destinations worldwide and at reasonable rates.  Please  follow the link above for their web site.

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Did you know that flying produces 36 times more carbon dioxide per passenger-mile than sea travel?

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The following operators no longer carry passengers but we can place you with other owners (the last tramp voyages were offered by Egon Oldendorff and are no longer available, nor are banana boat voyages since the Horn Line service closed in October 2009):

Amerigo Express Line, Bank Line, Blue Star Line, H Buss, CP Ships, Canada Maritime, Cast Containers, Chilean Line, Columbus Line, Contship Containerlines, Costa Container Lines, Elders & Fyffes, Furness Withy, Fyffes Line, Geest Line, Hanseatic Shipping Co Ltd, Horn Line, Intership Navigation Co Ltd, Ivaran Lines, Lykes Lines, MSC, Mediterranean Shipping Co, Mineral Shipping Co, Egon Oldendorff, P&O Nedlloyd Containers, Polish Ocean Lines, Projex, Safmarine, Seatrade Groningen, TIM Shipping, United Baltic Corporation.